our very own Ruby D Tonics

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND – it’s a BELLA holiday too! Both BELLA locations will be closed on May 29th and 30th. We will be sorry to miss you but we need to take a break and look forward to seeing you again soon.

We have updated our labels for our small batch brewed Quinine Tonics. Check out the Ruby D Tonics page for more information!

Mother Earth Brew Co. consistently produces unique, quality beer at a reasonable price and the “Sin Tax” is no exception. Pours the color of deep molasses with a stiff, meringue head. The aroma of barley malt and cola is the first thing that hits you, followed by a teasing hint of peanut butter. This beer is ROBUST, with notes of peanut brittle and toffee with moderate bitterness on the finish. Note the velvety mouthfeel! I didn’t pick up as much peanut butter as I had expected, but that may not be a bad thing! Coming in at under $9, it’s a truly incredible value.