Month: August 2020

The Berglund Report

September 5th, TwentyTwenty Baker City, OR

Viking Blod $ 29.95 Pours a beautiful, thick golden amber, as you would expect from a honey based drink. But what I DIDN’T expect was the rush of peppery, floral notes that followed the initial honeyed sweetness. TONS of spice, with a hefty amount of molasses. Anxious to try this slightly warmed…. and really get in touch with my Scandanavian roots : )

Berglund and the Big Danish Meads

Spiceology Mesquite Peppercorn Lager Rub $ 15.95 I can see where this belongs on a brisket, but I am obsessed with coating all of my roasted veggies with this stuff. I can’t think of a protien that this doesn’t belong on either! The zing of the pink peppercorn is unique and will leave your guests asking “What’s your secret?!”

Vikingernes Dansk Mjod $ 29.95 Water, honey, hops, yeast. Such simple ingredients to assemble. Such and elegant, rich drink that has satiated countless desires over centuries. Boozy burnt sugar nose, tastes of Raw Honey. Very sweet, but somehow earthy. Hops are a little more deliberate in this one, but not overwhelming. High alcohol will leave you feeling warm from the inside out… no wonder the Vikings did so much pillaging.

Les Petit Sardines Muscadet Sur Lie $ 12.95 Let me set the scene here… it’s the beginning of July, you’re sprawled out on a blanket on the bank of your nearest body of water with the person in your life that makes you laugh the hardest. The picnic you packed includes a bowl of perfectly ripe strawberries and pineapple, an herbaceous tuna and orzo dish and a bottle of a Muscadet from a tiny cooperative of clever winemakers in the Loire. This is the way muscadet of this caliber is meant to be enjoyed. Its simplicity may be its best trait. Floral on the nose with citrus notes reminiscent of grapefruit, wrapped up with a satisfying minerality that is like a breeze over the sea salt flats of Camargue. Pairs best with a sunset and belly laughs.

CRUX 2020 (Banished) Series
All Worked Up Barrel Aged Wheat Wine Ale $ 14.95 Caramel, dark fruit and distinctive alcohol on the nose. I was pleasantly surprised at how dubdued the sweetness was, but the viscosity on the palate lets that sweetness linger… like a spoonful of honey! An elegant wheat wine that is well worth the 6 months long wait while it spent time in barrels.

Case Paolin Prosecco DOC $ 17.95 refreshing! If I were to descibe the perfect drink for a scorching hot summer evening this would be it! Summer-y aromas or fresh cut grass and granny smith apples with a fizzy and light body. A great balance of pear sweetness and lemony acidity.

Watermill Winery Chances R Red (Milton- Freewater, OR) $ 13.95 This wine was definitely my biggest surprise this month. A bold and unique blend for a truly incredible price! Normally I shy away from wine with pronounced oak, but the buttery qualities in Chances R are married with a touch of brown sugar. Notes of deep dark fruits and a smoky finish in this classic Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cab Franc and Malbec with bits of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere as well. Super interesting. Enjoyed this all by itself, which is testament to how balanced the wine is!