Make Me An Offer!

I know it’s been a while. Life has been full lately and I’ve not been able to sit and write poetry, or wine reviews or simple newsletters. It has however been 27 years since this little ship that could set sail and it’s time for us to make some BIG changes.

Mark Your Calendar

May 11th – Saturday 9AM – 2023 Main St. Baker City, OR

Make Me An Offer!

(say it like Brando if you want, in my mind it sounds more Mae West)

I’ll have a huge section of the store where every single item is up for your best offer. I’ll be ready to accept all reasonable offers, even some slightly unreasonable ones perhaps (I’m the judge afterall). 

Everything Must Go (That’s just the merch inside the section that will be marked inside the shop, and everything on the sidewalk!) 

There are appliances, cookware sets, linens, pajamas, socks, gifts, and random BELLA merchandise.

Depending on the weather, we may also have furniture pieces, displays, wine boxes and the like outside on the sidewalk. 

The large items will be sold as a Silent Auction. 

Make an offer while you’re here; call back to check on current offers and increase your offer if you like. 

The highest offer at 3 pm takes it home.

I have had more tears than laughs in the past few months, so I am counting on a LOT of laughter on May 11th. Let’s have some fun, you’ll find some CRAZY deals and BELLA will step forward into her 28th year in Baker City a little lighter but feeling very appreciated.

Grazie Mille- it has been the best 27 years imaginable in this little proprietor’s life and it’s still a good ship and I still love being the captain.

hope to see you Saturday-

Beverly/BELLA Main Street Market Baker City