2024 adapting to change

BELLA will celebrate 27 years since we first opened our shop in Baker City later this year. For the moment, we are recognizing that the best way to continue being the Best Kitchen Store EVER, is to care for ourselves. The past few years have presented challenges and loss. While there was a time for “7 to 7, 7 days a week”, and I’d like to think we rocked that consistency and availability thing in our beautiful little city, today we must recognize that BELLA was always about beauty and quality of life.

So, I will be stepping back and making sure that my BELLA family is cared for, and to be honest about it, I will be putting equal effort into the quality of my own life. BELLA will still be the amazing, welcoming, and well stocked store you’ve come to love and depend on.

I love finding the highest quality, beautifully crafted and truly unique items for our shops, and I will continue to do just that. I am so proud of the role our shops have played in the communities of Baker City and LaGrande. I love ‘being the BELLA’.

I also love being Beverly and I’ve decided that Beverly cannot work 7 days a week anymore. So raise a glass with me, as my 63rd birthday approaches and I finally embrace the lifestyle that I’ve worked to make possible. My dream kitchen is almost complete and I look forward to COOKING!