BELLA staff picks

Tripoz Macon Charnay ‘Clos des Tournons 2015 $ 15.95    reviewed by Lynn Weems

My love for French whites is no secret. The last wine truck was especially difficult because we received so many new French wines! I chose the Tripoz as it was slightly ‘out of my box’ (not Sauvignon Blanc!) The nose was lovely with a hint of citrus and honeysuckle. I love how clean French Chardonnay can be, the Macon was bright on the palette and has a bit of minerality and kiss of fragrant meyer lemon.A simple Caesar salad for dinner was a great pairing.

Vincent Siret-Courtaud QUINCY 2013  $19.95  reviewed by Lynn Weems

Favorite region, favorite grape! This wine is crisp, refreshing and supremely bright. A lovely expression of Sauvignon Blanc from this region. Ripe, creamy melon notes with a little green grape-yness and a finishing note of minerals and wet stone. The wine is richer than you expect from Sauvignon Blanc, thanks to old vines and the climate of Quincy. I served the wine with the Cablanca Goat Gouda and the richness of the wine was fabulous with the creamy, well balanced flavors of the cheese but the best pairing was definitely with halibut steaks, rice pilaf and grilled asparagus.

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup  $ 11.95    reviewed by Cody Cook

Love these!! Beautiful in a ‘bubble bath’ of Prosecco, adds both color and floral sweetness at the end, making a nice treat.  Great texture, a bit crunchy almost like a pickle.  I also stuffed the blossoms with a mild creamy blue cheese – the salty sweet combination was a match made in heaven!  Great to add to any cheese board.

Lilliano Chianti Classico 2013  $21.95    reviewed by Kasie Cook

The name says it all. It seems to be typical of the region but executed to perfection with vibrant cherry and floral notes.Was amazing with the Spaghetti I made with Sexton Ranches Ground Lamb.  Almost wish I had a deck to enjoy this wine properly.  Location, location, location!!!

Santa Guilietta Corsican Red $13.95   reviewed by Harrison Pierce

At first, I must admit with the wine being 60% Grenache and Syrah that I was expecting a bigger (bolder?) body to open across my palate.  But the more I delved into the wine, as well as studied up on what I could find about Corsica, my appreciation grew by leaps and bounds. The sun-dried red berries and the faintest of warmth from the grenache with just the right amount of Corsican earth made for a combination that has determined that Corsica makes some great summer, hot weather sipping wines, no matter of how red, white or pink the wine happens to be.

Rose City Pepperheads Marionberry Pepper Jelly $ 7.96                   reviewed by Brenna Miller

Where has pepper jelly been all my life? In my mind, I always equated sweet and spice with sweet and savory but after tasting this I realized they are not the same at all. It was as sweet and juicy as any jam but with a little extra fire added!  I tried it with brie and crackers, ham and cream cheese, cheddar sandwich…. the possibilities are endless!

Pares Balta Cava $ 15.95  reviewed by Brenna Miller

What’s better than a good bubbly? Very little. I love the tasty, bread crusty kind of aroma that comes wafting out when you pop the cork! I don’t want to over use the word “rich” but, I mean, it’s just a good word to describe these things! I tasted pears when I tried it which was a pleasant, if subtle, change from the more common ‘notes of apple’.  It had a surprisingly soft finish as well for how crisp it was.


My First Tagine (with Khobz bread, Nero d’Avola and Copper Belt Pinot noir) (details still to come from Cody Cook)


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