Holly’s Weeknight Nashville Chicken

Nashville Spiceology Whole Roasted Chicken – coooked in Cuisinart Presser Cooker.
This is a staple at my house, not only does it only take 25 minutes to prepare, it costs about $5!

It’s super easy- turn your pressure cooker to SAUTÉ, and while that’s warming up, I grab my seasoning of choice. Lately it has been Spiceology Nashville Hot Chicken. The chili powder, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and garlic really kicks a boring bird up a notch, it’s a must try! Rub the chicken inside and out, don’t be shy if you really want to feel the heat.

Add a little oil to your pressure cooker, then place chicken breast side down for about 5-8 minutes just long enough to brown the skin on the chicken.

Remove the chicken and place on a trivet or roasting rack ( I use a Norpro round silicone roasting rack – which you can purchase at either BELLA location!) Place chicken back in your Cuisinart pressure cooker, lock the lid and set on high pressure for 25 MINUTES! (That’s the average time for a 5 lb chicken!) While that’s cooking I prep my sides (and of course am drinking some type of wine).

When time is up, just let the cooker naturally release pressure. Now just cut & serve!

I can not express how much I love my Cuisinart Pressure Cooker, the speed and convenience is unmatched! I use it several times a week to cook all my soups, low carb desserts, meatloaf and of course my (all time favorite)Pozole!

Yours truly- Holly B

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